9 Christmas Social Media Campaign Ideas

The festive season is a significant time of year for businesses to grab the attention of new and existing customers, with Christmas-themed social media content and exciting posts to start getting people in the spirit. With Facebook seeing a 26% increase in overall activity between November and January, it’s clear that users are keen to engage and interact during this period - so, whether your business is a restaurant, hotel, physical shop or e-commerce store, it’s essential to get involved. However, the sheer number of brands sharing their digital festive campaigns all at once might leave you worried that yours will get lost in the crowd. Let’s take a look at some ideas to help your business stand out online.

Advent Calendar Countdown

Launching an advent calendar or countdown event on your social media page can be an excellent way to get customers intrigued and keep them coming back for more. With a post each day throughout December, you’ll have the opportunity to reveal things such as new products, additions to your winter menu, offers and discounts, voucher codes and details of upcoming seasonal events. Customers will continually return to your page to find out what will be announced next, boosting your brand awareness and ensuring your business name sticks in people’s heads.

Our very own client Greene King, which encompasses the famous hotel group Old English Inns, runs an advent campaign every Christmas, which always garners high levels of engagement and gets fans feeling festive. Featuring gift voucher giveaways, free meals at their restaurants and even the chance to win a stay at one of their iconic venues, each countdown post is accompanied by colourful graphics and cozy photos of their locations.

Decorate Your Profile

For a simple way to get your brand’s social media page into the spirit, why not decorate your profile picture and header image with some Christmas elements? Add a Santa hat to your logo, upload a photo showcasing your festive product range, sprinkle some snowy graphics over a picture of your restaurant - whether you’re a beginner or a graphic design pro, there are many options available to spruce up your page for the season. This example from Aldi shows off the cute carrot family we all recognise from their famous Christmas TV ad.

Competitions and Giveaways

Christmas is a time for sharing and generosity, meaning you can make customers feel positive about your brand by running competitions and giveaways. December can be a tricky time financially, so prizes such as gift vouchers or even cash will definitely put smiles on your fans’ faces.

Ask your followers to enter the contest by submitting a photo or video of themselves using your product or service, or by sharing a story of their favourite experience with it. This will help to drive up engagement and start building a buzz around your page.

Additionally, setting eligibility criteria such as liking your page and the competition post, following you, retweeting and sharing can help to increase your popularity on social media and get new customers on board in the process. Users who may not have heard of your brand before could end up seeing your post shared onto their feed and become interested, giving you the potential to turn them into a top fan later on. Now that they've joined your community as a result of your competition, they'll see your future updates even once the festive season is over.

Set Up A Festive Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to collect and categorise any content on social media surrounding your business, and can help you monitor what's being said about your brand (read about our Social Listening service to learn more about joining in with those key conversations). Pick a fun, punchy phrase, like this example from Ted Baker, which allows anyone who purchases the Christmas Box Set mentioned in their tweet to share their thoughts about it in one place.

Tasty Festive Recipes

Food and drink are undoubtedly a major part of Christmas, and everyone loves to try something new at this time of the year - so what better way to get fans in the spirit than by sharing festive recipes and tasty creations that can be made using your products? Whether yours is the main ingredient or you decide to collaborate with other brands to conjure up something delicious, you can post recipe cards, cooking videos or fun baking imagery to give your customers inspiration.

Here you can see an example from supermarket giant Tesco, who recently posted on Facebook letting shoppers know about the different ways their Christmas mincemeat can be used. Followers even began to share their own ideas amongst themselves in the comments, helping to boost brand love and add to the sense of community surrounding the company.

Themed Instagram Feed

From a visual perspective, Christmas is a very aesthetically pleasing time of year, with twinkling lights and warm wintery backdrops. Your brand can take advantage of this by curating a beautiful Instagram theme. Fill your feed with images and graphics that adhere to a similar colour scheme, or use festive filters to make your content match. Your followers will be drawn in by its eye-catching appearance and will love scrolling through your co-ordinated posts!

Coffee shop chain Caffe Nero have done a good job of this on their account, showcasing the recognisable blue shade of their cups against cozy earth tones.

Celebrate National Days

As well as Christmas Day itself, there are lots of other national days to be celebrated throughout December - like this example from Starbucks for National Cocoa Day, where they were able to incorporate some promotion for their various hot chocolate flavours. Use an online social media calendar to track which days are coming up next, and plan some festive posts around any that are applicable to your brand.

Most national days will have an associated hashtag, allowing you to browse through and get some inspiration from other businesses, as well as letting you see which ones are trending.

Create A Gift Guide

Why not use social media to showcase your top product picks, collated into a handy gifting guide? Any customers stuck for Christmas present ideas will appreciate your brand for taking some of the stress out of their shopping, and with everything in one place, your followers may discover items they wouldn't have otherwise found. Give brief descriptions of each gift and let shoppers know which friend or family member they'd be perfect for - you can even separate your guides into multiple lists for various recipients.

Luxury brand Vivienne Westwood has been sharing its gift guide instalments every day so far in December, ensuring customers are staying up to date and are consistently being provided with fresh inspiration.

Eye-Catching Videos

More than 4 billion video views take place on Facebook every day, showing just how popular this type of content is becoming. Your business can capitalise on this during the festive season, by creating short, fun clips which highlight your brand's key Christmas messaging. Whether you choose to go for a colourful animation with themed graphics or a real-life film, posting a video is sure to get customers interested.

However, make sure your title screen or opening scene grabs their attention, as 65% of people who watch the first 3 seconds of a Facebook video will continue watching for at least 10 more seconds - if your star product or top deal is only announced at the very end of the clip, it's likely that users will have clicked off or scrolled past.

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