How to Post a Job on Facebook

If you're seeking new staff members for your business, Facebook Jobs might be a great option to find the perfect candidates.

Thursday 8th July 2021


Since its release in 2018, Facebook’s Jobs feature has become a prominent way for small businesses to seek and recruit new employees, with one in four adults using the platform to search for a new position. Facebook Jobs offers a similar function to that of professional networking site LinkedIn, but surprisingly has more than double the amount of active candidates - 83% are active on Facebook, compared to just 36% on LinkedIn. This is perhaps due to Facebook Jobs being better suited to less corporate roles, therefore attracting a different type of applicant. Hoping to find a new team member on social media? Read our guide to learn how to post a job on Facebook.


Step 1: Select ‘Create Job’ on your Page

After logging in, head to your brand’s Facebook Page and choose ‘Job’ from the ‘Create’ menu below the main ‘Create Post’ block.


Alternatively, you can select ‘Manage Jobs’ from the Manage Page sidebar, followed by ‘+ Create Job’.


Step 2: Enter Job Details

Next, input details and information about the job, starting with a clear and descriptive job title. The ‘work location’ field will automatically populate with the location you’ve selected for your business on your Page, but you can change this to a different area if the role you’re advertising is for another branch or office. Under ‘Job type’, choose between Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Volunteer or Contract, before describing the role in more depth in the ‘Job description’ box. Here you should include what the job will involve day-to-day, what kind of candidates you’re looking for and which skills you’d like them to have.


Step 3: Add a Salary

Although inputting a salary is optional on Facebook, 62% of jobseekers cite salary as the most important factor they look for in job ads - meaning your business will likely attract a larger pool of applicants if it’s included. Even if an exact salary hasn’t been decided for the role yet, providing an approximate range can help give potential candidates an idea of what they can expect.


Step 4: Ask Screening Questions

Adding a few screening questions to your job advert can help you narrow down which applicants are right for the role. Facebook offers a selection of commonly asked questions but you can also write your own if you’d like to request anything more specific to your business - just click on ‘+ Write question’.


If you decide to add your own screening questions, you can choose between Free Text, Yes or No, and Multiple Choice, giving you a range of ways to get to know your applicants.


Step 5: Add an Email Recipient

If you want to receive applications via email as well as through the Facebook Jobs suite, you can add an email address to your listing. This can be beneficial if multiple people from your team will be reviewing candidates collaboratively, or if someone who isn’t an admin on your Page needs to be notified when a new response comes through.


Step 6: Request CV or Employment History

Next, choose whether you’d like jobseekers to attach a CV or provide mandatory employment history as part of their application. Requesting this can help you determine whether candidates’ past job experiences will be transferable to your business and if they’re likely to have gained the skills required for the role in question. This option can be easily toggled on or off.


Step 7: Upload an Image

Adding a photo or graphic to your job ad can help demonstrate to applicants what your office looks like, who makes up your current team, what services your business provides or what your branding style is.


Step 8: Preview, Select Audience and Post

Finally, after previewing your advert to check that everything looks correct, select the audiences you’d like to target. ‘Jobs on Facebook’ will automatically be ticked, but you can also include your Page’s existing followers if you’d like them to see the job too. Using a portion of your advertising budget to boost your job is certainly worth considering, as this will transform the post into a Facebook ad and will get your listing seen by a larger number of people.



Has your business hired any new employees through Facebook Jobs? If you haven’t explored this avenue of recruitment yet, we hope the steps above help to simplify the process and get you on your way to finding excellent new additions to your team. For more information, Facebook has plenty of resources available, including a handy video tutorial and this article from the help centre.

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