why instagram takeovers are a great business strategy

When considering your marketing objectives for Instagram, utilising Instagram Stories is something we couldn’t recommend more. Specifically, accomplishing successful Instagram Takeovers is a fantastic consideration for increasing brand awareness, boosting engagement for your page as well as gaining access to a new audience. They are incredibly easy to run too and a sure-fire way to increase your following, community and drive sales.

An Instagram takeover is when a customer, influencer or business ‘takes over’ your Instagram stories for a small amount of time giving your audience insight into not just your products or services but also the takeovers opinions or recommendations. Seeing real people use their products or recommend a particular service, this gives a fresh, personal approach to advertising. An Instagram takeover is certainly not limited to influencers, brands can also benefit from stepping into each other’s accounts.

There are several Instagram accounts that are executing excellent takeovers on a regular basis with a range of relevant co-hosts. Some of our favourites include Harper’s Bazaar, Summer Fridays, Channel Mum and Iconic London. Consistency is key and lots of people stay loyal to a brand in expectation of the next takeover as it adds a more personal feel to the brand whilst also providing insight that they otherwise may not have learnt.

getting started with instagram takeovers

We’ve created an easy, step by step guide to follow below to get started and to plan a smooth takeover for your business that drives guaranteed results.

1. securing a collaborator

Who you choose will vary on your industry and objectives, however always discuss with your host about what you’d like to achieve whether that is attracting new followers, just having fun engagement or sharing a particular story.

2. make a plan

Here is where you pencil in a date, time and share account information if they will be logging in themselves to sit on the camera and chat. Alternatively, they can send pre-recorded video or image/text slides for you to upload yourselves. It is always a good idea if you are sharing your password to change it after every takeover for account security.

3. custom hashtag

Whilst this sounds simple, creating a customer hashtag even as simple as #BusinessNameTakeover shows others you are a worthy social media partner to collaborate with. It’s also a great way to create brand awareness and attract other people that could take over in the future.

4. announcing the takeover

We’d recommend creating a graphic that both yourself and the collaborator can share to let both audiences know to save the date for the takeover. Share this not only on Instagram but also Facebook and Twitter too to increase awareness of the takeover event.

5. introducing yourself

Always start an Instagram takeover by introducing yourself and explaining your relationship to the host, what to expect in the takeover and reasons to stay tuned.

6. be authentic!

The secret to a successful takeover is being authentic and truthful. Whether that’s as you film yourself telling a relevant story that engages your audiences or sharing answers to a Q&A session. Being too forced or staged comes across so keep it casual where you can.

7. incentive

It’s a great idea to share an incentive to measure the success of your takeover. Why not provide viewers with a limited time discount code to use? Adding this at the end of the takeover incentivises audiences to stay tuned until the very end, this will also provide a metric to measure who went from the takeover to purchase a product or service.

8. thank your audience

Thanking your audience is key to ending the takeover. Don’t forget to provide a call to action whether that is to follow the page, head over to a specific website or to learn more on other social channels.

9. measuring success

Reporting on your success will showcase the results from the takeover. We bet you’ll be amazed by the stats. Don’t forget to publicly thank your co-host as a final bid to exchange followers and share the successes with them too.

Running an Instagram takeover can really help you stand out from your competition by providing an additional layer to your company and really step up your marketing campaign this year. Stories are continuing to grow in popularity despite being around since August 2016.

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