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With the rise of social media over the last few years, brand presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has become an increasing expectation of brands and businesses - particularly in the hospitality and catering industry.

Whether it’s a complaint, enquiry about dietary requirements or menu changes, or simply an avid fan leaving positive feedback following a meal, brands that offer online support for their fans are proving every day that they’re there for their customers. With the added benefits of online algorithms consistently rewarding responsive pages, as well as fans in the digital age enjoying the ability to casually interact with their favourite brands, the need for quality Community Management is only proving more important.


1,200 social media mentions managed, per month

Papa John’s Pizza - who have over 6 million fans on Facebook alone - were becoming more aware that they were missing out on an opportunity to engage with their fans online. Their in-house customer service department were already utilising social platforms to handle negative feedback, but while also dealing with email, website and app enquiries, the sheer volume of social media mentions were becoming overwhelming. Consequently, other opportunities to build brand love or interact with customers were being missed.

With a growth in engaging social content resulting in an average of 1,200 incoming messages per month across various social platforms - plus a sensitive new menu launch on the horizon - the company needed to implement a Community Management strategy to manage and monitor social enquiries. What was more, this needed to be on-brand and consistent across such a large volume of messages to adequately seize the opportunity to enhance brand love.

Rather than lose out to competitors who were already working to grow their brand love with Community Management packages, Papa John’s enlisted the help of 3sixfive.


responding to 100% interactions within 24 hours, 365 days per year

Our Community Management package encompassed exactly what the company was searching for. We work under one roof out of a UK office, with a team of passionate operators all working together to provide a stellar standard of service. We don’t use bots or automated reply systems - instead, we provide personalised, human responses to each and every message that we receive.

We recognise the importance of a strong brand identity, and we ensure that Papa John’s is incorporated into each and every response. Working closely with the client to fully understand the brand and its clientele, we developed a full interactions guide to allow us to efficiently answer each enquiry that comes our way. We keep close contact with the internal team so that where necessary, we can get in touch for further information.

Working together to develop a comprehensive complaint management guide, we minimise potential damage by intercepting negative feedback at the earliest possible stage. Offering speedy resolutions and helping the customer care team to efficiently escalate means that we can prevent negative traction on social, whilst also often converting unhappy guests into returning customers.

This was particularly useful for the client in releasing a sensitive new menu launch across over 300 sites. We allowed them to promote to a wider audience by increasing their social media engagement and subsequent brand awareness, incentivising new customers to try their pizza for the first time. Where teething problems were experienced with the new products, we were able to directly pass this feedback onto Papa John’s to be utilised constructively. Further, detailed reports were sent monthly tagging positive and negative sentiment from all channels so they could get a real sense of perspective of sentiment from the social landscape and act on any issues accordingly.


"The importance of social customer service can't be underestimated and 3sixfive were my first choice to manage it."

- Papa John's

a 280% increase in social media interactions

Our Community Management team are used to working with big name brands. Highly skilled and driven with expert customer service experience - combined with the training we’d undertaken to understand the Papa John’s brand inside and out - we weren’t daunted by the large volume of messages we were receiving. The software we use groups all incoming messages across the platforms of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in one secure location - this ensures that nothing is missed. 100% of received messages are now responded to within 24 hours.

Whereas previously Papa John’s weren’t really utilising their social media channels for fan engagement, we’ve seen a massive increase during the time we’ve worked together, with Twitter interaction alone increasing by 280%. We don’t just respond to the negative - in fact, far from it, we believe in the importance of growing brand love and converting customers into loyal fans. Whether it’s an avid fan craving a pizza, compliments following a good meal, or just a relevant conversation taking place between friends, we jump on where applicable to engage with their customers.

What does this mean for the client? For one thing, they now have a reliable and secure way of handling social media feedback. Proving that they are there for their customers - 14 hours a day, 365 days per year - has increased their social reputation and customer retention exponentially, while increasing brand love and fan loyalty. Negativity is quickly and efficiently handled, and should anything ever occur for the brand on social - whether it’s out of normal office hours or even on Christmas day - they know that we’re on hand to support the customer service team.

Need a hand in handling your own social media Community Management? Whether it’s to support a new menu launch, a specific marketing campaign or just to support a high volume of customer enquiries, we can help. Get in touch for a chat.

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