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Gaining loyal fans for your business is one thing. Maintaining them is another. And here at 3sixfive, we can help you manage both.

KETTLE®, encompassing the two well-loved brands of KETTLE® Chips and Metcalfe’s®, were aware of two things. That they weren’t engaging enough with their fans on social media, and that a lack of resourcing meant that thousands of relevant conversations were taking place per day that they weren’t keeping track of.

First, the client outsourced to individuals offering social monitoring services - but the sheer volume of incoming messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram meant that they were always working an hour behind, and without a clearly agreed strategy, there was a lack of consistency in responses which proved detrimental to their online customer service. Meanwhile, stretched resources meant that conversations surrounding their products that they weren’t directly tagged in were being missed completely.


Having a friendly voice for our consumers - a voice that is able to respond quickly and engage with them - is so important when it comes to experiencing a brand online. 3sixfive works closely with us to engage authentically with our fans in a way that generates brand love.

- Natasha Jones, Brands PR & Digital Manager, KETTLE FOODS®

monitoring social conversations,
12 hours a day

3sixfive began working with KETTLE® in 2017, implementing full Community Management as well as agreeing an additional Social Listening service.

Working with the client, we agreed upon a list of key words and phrases related to KETTLE® products, industry and clientele. We monitor all of these in one place, and then where appropriate, we strike up conversations, interact with posts, engage with feedback, and wherever necessary pass on any further details to KETTLE® in-house customer service team.

The individual branding of KETTLE® Chips and Metcalfe’s® are hugely important; these are products that boast incredible fan followings. We’ve worked together to agree upon and understand that unique brand identity, which now feeds into each and every interaction. One important aspect here was the tone of voice - warm, friendly, fun and sometimes even a bit cheeky, whilst still polite and helpful. Met with the 3sixfive ethos - reactive, unique, passionate and personal - we’re careful to shape all social listening and customer service reactions in a consistent, human tone.



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human, on-brand customer service,
7 days per week

Our Community Management team operate from 8am until 10pm, 365 days per year. Even outside of normal office hours, we’re on hand to pick-up absolutely anything - be it a general query about a discontinued or up and coming product, a positive review or a complaint.

Working extensively with KETTLE®, we’ve taken the time to learn everything about their products and their customers, giving us the ability to offer quick, relevant and accurate answers to any enquiries - as well as quick resolutions to issues. In doing so, we can ensure KETTLE® are providing their fans with an excellent standard of customer service which helps them stand out against competitors.


Thank you for all your incredible work, which helps us to navigate really busy periods and still deliver great service to our consumers. We really do appreciate that you do all of this with amazing attitudes and without a word of complaint. Your competence in handling all this has given us fewer things to worry about, which has been a big relief.

- Natasha Jones, Brands PR & Digital Manager, KETTLE FOODS®

growing brand love, 365 days per year

Now two years in, our relationship with KETTLE® is always growing. They know that they can rely on us - be it a product launch, competition or potential PR issue, we’re on hand to help.

With our human responses and quick resolutions, we’ve helped to improve KETTLE® social reputation by consistently proving that they value the feedback and concerns of their customers, upping their Facebook response rate to 97%. We’ve been there during all kinds of promotions, including one competition which generated nearly 5000 comments - all of which we replied to. We continue to provide daily social listening services to make KETTLE® stand out - by jumping in with fun, warm responses to surprise their customers, or by jumping in before any negative feedback has the chance to escalate.

What does all of this mean for the client? Their customers know that someone is there for them - and that this high standard of service is what converts a regular customer into a dedicated fan, who in turn spreads the love for the brand.

Need a hand in managing your own social media customer service? Want assistance in growing the love - or awareness - of your own brand? We can tailor unique packages suited to your individual needs. Get in touch to find out more!


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