facebook customer chat plugin

Recently, Facebook introduced a new customer chat plugin that links live website customers to their messenger app - allowing customers to talk directly with businesses within just one click. Implementing this tool for your own website gives you an opportunity to build relationships and provide fantastic customer service by helping customers to navigate the website, answer any queries they might have, and enable quick purchases or table bookings.

The key? To make sure you’re making the most of it by providing the highly personalised experience they’d expect when interacting on social at a timely rate. That’s where 3sixfive come in. We can manage your website live chat for you, ensuring quick, human reactions to any and all website enquiries. We can send you a step by step guide to setup and install the website plugin or you can let us do it for you for a one off fee.

Once the customer chat function is set up, it would pull all live website customers into Facebook Messenger via our central system, ready to be responded to by our Community Management team, 8am-10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To quote accurately we would ask you to provide 3sixfive with a monthly estimate of website queries and Google Analytics access to monitor and track how many users communicate with you in this way.

If you want to know how this service could work for your business, get in touch for a chat.

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