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How to Master Your Marketing Strategy: Skims Case Study

Thursday 27th June

Blog Author Beth Perrin by Beth Perrin

Originally founded in June 2019 by Kim Kardashian, Skims has grown to become one of the world’s favourite shapewear and clothing brands thanks to its focus on body positivity, size inclusivity and colour diversity. Its initial launch resulted in more than $2 million USD in profit, with the company selling out of merchandise in just 10 minutes - and in its first year of business, it reportedly sold more than 3 million products. In 2021, Kim Kardashian was given a Brand Innovator award by Wall Street Journal Magazine for her work on the brand, and in March 2022, Skims made it onto TIME’s list of 100 Most Influential Companies of the year.

As is the case with any popular brand, Skims’ success has been largely down to its great marketing strategy, which heavily focuses on collaborations with influencers and other media personalities to promote its products and its ‘Solutions For Every Body’ ethos. Let’s dive into this case study to see what your brand can learn from Skims.


Skims Social Media Stats

Skims utilises a wide range of social media platforms for different marketing purposes. Take a look at its respective audience sizes below! (Numbers correct as of June 2024).

Instagram: 6 million followers

TikTok: 1.3 million followers

X: 136.3K followers

Facebook: 324K page likes and 444K followers

LinkedIn: 158K followers

YouTube: 38.7K subscribers

Threads: 708K followers

The brand primarily uses its Instagram, X and Facebook pages to promote its products and new collection launches, using simple but effective model shots, while on TikTok it shares influencer videos, try-ons, store tours and behind-the-scenes clips from its photoshoots. Its Linkedin page is used for company news, announcements and milestones as well as job listings, and on its YouTube channel, model and celebrity videos plus TV ads are uploaded.

Skims keeps its marketing copy short and to-the-point, often using just one or two sentences in its post captions and therefore allowing its high-quality photography to do the talking. The brand uses a confident, authoritative and sophisticated tone of voice to garner respect and trust from its audience, and always makes sure to state which item and size the featured model is wearing in order to make it easier for customers to decide what they want to purchase. It also regularly reminds viewers to download its app to ensure they don’t miss out on new product drops, inspiring urgency and exclusivity.

According to data from Storyclash, Skims’ Instagram posts have an average reach of 315k, with its Stories reaching 150k users. The estimated media value is €11K (£9.3K) for each post and €5.3K (£4.5K) for each Story.


Right People, Right Time

A highly important part of influencer marketing is choosing the right people at the right time, and that’s something Skims excels at. Actress Nichola Coughlan, currently trending due to starring in the recently released third season of the popular show Bridgerton, was chosen to be featured in Skims’ Soft Lounge collection campaign. In an official statement regarding the partnership, Kim Kardashian said: “Nicola is such an inspiration on screen and beyond, and she really brought the campaign to life with her undeniable beauty and energy.”


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Additionally, footballer Jude Bellingham, currently playing for England in the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, was revealed as the new face of Skims Mens. Kim Kardashian said: “I’m thrilled to unveil Jude as the face of our new Skims Mens campaign. He has always been a rising star within the football world but this year he’s truly cemented himself as an icon, and his influence on the next generation of players and fans is undeniable!”


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The aforementioned Storyclash data shows that Skims works with many influencers on a one-time basis, with 57% of their collabs being one-offs, 27% being short term (up to 6 months) and 16% being long term. 50% of the brand’s Instagram mentions come from micro influencers (10k-100k followers), while 39% of them come from those within the macro category (100K-1 million followers). The engagement rate for Skims creator content on Instagram sits at an impressive 3.3%.


‘Skims Lab’ TV Ad

Skims’ marketing isn’t just limited to social media either - ‘Skims Lab’, the brand’s first TV campaign, debuted earlier this year during the Oscars. Directed by London-based filmmaker and artist Frank Lebon, the 60-second ad features Kim Kardashian and her ‘Klones’ overseeing a heightened version of Skims’ research and development process. It was the brand’s first work with an outside agency, Wieden + Kennedy Portland, and expertly balances the seriousness of how Kim runs her business with her pop culture persona and a fun, futuristic clone concept.


Speaking about the campaign, Kim Kardashian said: “With this being our first ever made-for-TV campaign, we really wanted to bring viewers into the Skims universe and create a film about our brand story and obsession with product development in a witty, yet extravagant way.”

Wieden + Kennedy’s Chief Creative Officer, Azsa West, added: “Even though [Skims is already] an incredibly successful brand and super relevant in pop culture, they were looking for something much bigger scale with Gen Z, from a storytelling perspective”, marking the importance of tailoring your creative efforts towards the preferences of your target demographic and using your marketing strategy to tell the story of your business.


What Can Other Brands Learn from Skims?

Skims’ marketing success offers many valuable lessons for other brands, including:

Prioritise inclusivity

Skims’ commitment to providing a wide range of sizes and skin tones has really resonated with consumers. Where possible, your brand should aim to prioritise diversity and inclusivity, not only in its products, but also in its marketing and messaging. This will not only help you meet your audience’s needs as consumers, but will also allow you to foster a deeper and more authentic connection with them.

Purposeful collaborations

Skims’ influencer partnerships always align with its values and resonate with its audience. While it may not be possible for your brand to team up with high-profile celebrities like those mentioned above, when looking for influencers, focus on those who authentically represent your brand and its values in order to create meaningful relationships with your target demographic.

Adapt to evolving trends

Skims no longer offers just shapewear - it introduced loungewear to meet its customers’ desire for comfortable clothing during the pandemic, and announced the arrival of its mens’ collection in October 2023. This demonstrates the importance of staying ahead of market trends, as well as adapting and diversifying your product line to meet changing consumer demands.



Overall, it’s clear to see why Skims has become such a beloved brand. Its ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, its strategic partnerships with popular and influential figures, and the aspirational, fashionable and high-quality content it shares online have made it a real winner in both the retail market and the social media space. Over the coming months and years we can expect to see its popularity grow even more as it expands into additional categories and releases new collections that appeal to a wider range of demographics. Which takeaways will you apply to your own brand? What are your favourite elements of Skims’ marketing strategy? Find us on X @3sixfivepro to let us know or to request some suggestions.