We won’t just respond to each and every review your business receives online - we’ll track them too. Every month, we’ll put together a detailed report with a breakdown of your brand’s reputation and the overall sentiment surrounding it, offering both a tabulated format with raw figures and a graph format.


Monitoring and maintenance

We’ll record the sentiment and star rating for every response and input them into an overall database tracker. Depending on your individual needs, we can break down reviews either by subject, or, where multiple locations are concerned, by site or area. This enables you to easily monitor which of your branches are performing well and which ones aren’t. We can also flag any recurrent issues such as complaints about poor food standards in one of your restaurants or excessive wait times in one of your stores.

Accurate and customisable

We don’t believe in using bots. We take the time to manually create each report and always measure your data thoroughly to ensure it’s presented to the highest level of accuracy. Fully customisable, we’ll deliver the analytics you want to see, and help you utilise them in a proactive way that not only benefits your customers, but boosts the general public’s perception of your business too.

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