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Meet the Team

Here are some of the fantastic people behind what we do - all human, all unique, all bringing their ‘A’ game!

Kim Dennis

Managing Director

Laura Tomlin

General Manager

Lucy Dark

Business Development Manager

George Marchant-Brook

Community Team Manager

Amy Kirk

Client Services Manager

Danni Evans

Account Manager

Dan Powe

Account Executive

Liv Bond

Account Executive

Beth Perrin

Content Creator & Designer

Richard Ham

Data Scientist

Holly Nash

Brand Reputation Executive

Nathan Meredith

Community Team Leader

Callie Mott

Community Team Leader

Levi Newman

Community Executive

Eve O’Brien

Community Executive

Aidan Hall-Goundry

Community Executive

Cuan Macgregor

Community Executive

Tom Ackland

Community Executive

Trish Sovcikova

Community Executive

Albie Morton

Community Executive

Adam Randleson

Live Chat Team Leader

JP Forster

Live Chat Agent

Tam Clifford

Live Chat Agent

Adam Watson

Live Chat Agent

Rhys Appleton

Live Chat Agent


Our Company Values



Our services are reactive - and so are we. We welcome change and will help to support the growth and development of your business, offering efficiency in the way we implement new ideas and strategies. From a change in trends and algorithms to enhancing your business processes, our team is there every step of the way.


What’s a bot? We wouldn’t know. We’re real human beings and we take pride in it. We’ll always provide a bespoke service, highly personalised to your brand and your customers. From unique responses to reviews, social media comments and messages to personally assessing the sentiment with Human Insight, being human is at the core of all we do.


We’ve all experienced the frustration of customer service complaints or queries first hand. We recognise the importance of quality Community Management, Review Management and Sentiment Management - and we want to shout about it. Trusted by some of the UK’s most exciting brands, we’re passionate about providing that stellar service your customers and business deserves.


There’s no other business in the UK that offers exactly what we do. But this doesn’t mean we’re content - in fact, far from it. We’re always looking to improve the way that we work to suit an ever-changing industry and provide the best service to our clients. We’re constantly evolving with social media to provide the best service that gets results.


Working at 3sixfive

“I’ve learnt so much whilst working at 3sixfive and enjoy working on behalf of our wonderful clients. So proud to work at such a welcoming company and receiving positive feedback always feels great.”

“3sixfive is a fantastic company to work for. Management supports my progression, helps develop my skills and provides clear objectives to support my growth within Social Media Marketing. Incredibly grateful to feel so supported within my role and look forward to the future here!”

“I didn’t think it was possible to work with such large brands whilst working in Devon but it is. My friends and family can’t believe 3sixfive works with such amazing, established brands across social media. Seeing my comments across verified pages online never gets old either.”

“I started working at 3sixfive after graduating university and have progressed within the company more than I could have anticipated after just a few years! It’s a fantastic company for career progression and the friendly atmosphere in the office is fantastic.”