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The Client

Based in Norwich and operating for over 30 years, KETTLE® Foods encompasses the two much-loved brands of KETTLE® Chips and Metcalfe’s® Snacks. KETTLE® Chips are the nation’s favourite hand-cooked chips, known for their distinctive crunch and range of chef-developed seasonings, while Metcalfe’s® Snacks offer a tasty selection of sweet treats including popcorn and rice cakes.

The Brief

Before partnering with us, KETTLE® Foods had identified two significant pain points. Firstly, they weren’t engaging enough with their fans on social media, resulting in many missed opportunities to generate brand love and acquire new customers. Secondly, their lack of resourcing meant that thousands of relevant conversations were taking place online each day without being monitored or analysed.

With a large and dedicated audience, the sheer volume of incoming messages was proving difficult for KETTLE® Foods’ internal team to handle. That’s where 3sixfive came in. Our brief was to not only shorten the brand’s response time and reply to all messages and comments, but also to improve the positive sentiment of conversations on social media and turn occasional customers into committed fans.

The Brief

KETTLE® Foods were aware of two things: that they weren’t engaging enough with their fans on social media, and that a lack of resourcing meant that thousands of relevant conversations were taking place per day that they weren’t keeping track of.

With a large and dedicated fan following, the sheer volume of incoming messages meant that the resources they did have for social were not able to be as consistent as they would have liked. If a brand is going to respond on social, it's really important to ensure that you are engaging with all comments and messages across various channels, which is where 3sixfive came in. Our brief was to not only improve response time, respond to all messages and comments, but also improve brand love and the positive sentiment of conversations on social media.

The Strategy

We agreed to implement a full Community Management strategy as well as an accompanying Social Listening service to maximise conversations surrounding both of KETTLE® Foods’ brands.

We took the time to learn everything about their products and customers, giving us the ability to offer quick, relevant and accurate answers to any enquiries - as well as prompt resolutions to issues. In doing so, we can ensure KETTLE® Foods are providing their fans with an excellent standard of customer service which helps them stand out against their competitors.

We have developed an in-depth understanding of their unique brand identities, which now feed into each and every message. For KETTLE® Chips, our tone of voice is warm, friendly, fun and sometimes a little cheeky, whilst still polite and helpful. For Metcalfe’s®, our interaction style is centred around the core values of being honest, balanced, fun and real.

When assembling KETTLE® Foods’ Social Listening strategy, we selected a list of keywords and phrases related to the brands’ products, industry and clientele. We now monitor all of these in one place and are notified whenever a social media user posts an update or tweet containing one or more of them. Where appropriate, we strike up conversations, interact with posts, engage with feedback, and pass on details to the in-house customer service team if needed.

The Results

Thanks to our human responses and speedy complaint resolutions, we’ve improved KETTLE® Foods’ social reputation by consistently proving that they value the feedback and concerns of their customers. We have boosted their Facebook response rate to 97% and have assisted throughout many promotions, including a major competition, during which we responded to over 5,000 comments. We continue to carry out a daily Social Listening service to make KETTLE® Foods stand out from the crowd by jumping in with fun, engaging responses to surprise their customers, or by intercepting negativity to prevent escalation.

New fans across all platforms per month on average
% of comments responded to in under an hour
Avergage unique responses on Facebook per month

“Thank you for all your incredible work, which helps us to navigate really busy periods and still deliver great service to our consumers. We really do appreciate that you do all of this with amazing attitudes and without a word of complaint. Your competence in handling all this has given us fewer things to worry about, which has been a big relief.”

Natasha Jones, Digital Marketing Manager, Kettle® Foods

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