Live Chat

Live Chat

When shopping in-store, customers’ queries can usually be resolved quickly by staff members on the shop floor. But how can this standard of care be matched online?

Incorporating a Live Chat plugin into your brand's website is a dependable way of ensuring direct, speedy communication with your customers when they need it most, and can help clear the path to checkout. Whether they want to know more about specific products, request delivery details or find out when an item will be back in stock, Live Chat allows you to respond to shoppers in a prompt manner and means you can have real-time conversations with your customers while they’re right there on your website.

How we can help

We’ll adopt your brand’s tone of voice to guarantee consistency across all of your online messaging and will fully immerse ourselves in your website and product catalogue, enabling us to accurately direct shoppers to their desired pages and even provide them with customised recommendations. In fact, 44% of consumers say they will likely give a company repeat business after receiving a personalised experience, proving the importance of a unique, tailored approach to Live Chat.

How does it work?

One of our recommended platforms to use is the Facebook Messenger plugin. Unlike some of its competitors, which disconnect the chat when the user navigates away from the current page, Messenger doesn’t require shoppers to remain on your site throughout the duration of the conversation - when they’re done browsing, they can simply continue talking to you on their phone via the Messenger app. This results in increased customer satisfaction and avoids the frustration of having to repeat information that’s previously been supplied.

What’s more, with 64% of Facebook users already using Messenger to keep in touch with family and friends, your customers can rest assured they’ll be connecting with your brand on a platform they’re familiar with.

Check out our work with Hungry Horse to find out how Live Chat could benefit your business and take your customer service to new heights.

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