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The Client

Frankie and Benny’s are one of the UK’s largest restaurant brands with hundreds of locations across the UK. 3sixfive began working with the brand in 2019, managing their communities on social media and supporting their social media strategy.

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The Brief

Frankie and Benny’s were eager to develop a database of ‘Top Fans’. Top Fans to Frankie and Benny’s are guests who are passionate about the brand, regularly engage and also regularly visit their restaurants. 3sixfive were asked to identify these guests on social media, build a community and suggest a tracking system to really assess how frequently these guests were engaging with the brand.


The Strategy

Due to Frankie and Benny’s having a large audience on Facebook, this was the platform selected to source the Top Fans.
After researching the best techniques to source fans, it was decided to utilise Facebook’s ‘Top Fan’ feature. This feature is awarded to users when they regularly engage with a business page - they are updated and changed each month and 3sixfive’s study revealed that Top Fans are usually those who engage with every post a brand published during a month.
To launch the Top Fan campaign, it was agreed with the brand to launch a competition each month to award Top Fans with discount vouchers.
This not only would reward the most engaged fans with a special treat, it would also allow for the brand to track the activity of fans in restaurants, assessing their frequency of visit and average spend. The competitions and the data they have provided has been extremely insightful, with this campaign now having run for over a year.

The Results

Alongside the Top Fan competitions, measuring frequency of visit and average spend, 3sixfive have also worked with Frankie and Benny’s to use their Top Fans as a sounding board for new menu items, campaigns and partnerships. Not only does this provide the brand with qualified guest feedback, it also rewards and creates greater brand affinity which ultimately will lead to greater brand advocacy among Frankie and Benny’s Top Fans. Examples of this include, inviting Top Fans to an exclusive pizza making event and pre menu launches.

% decrease in negativity
Increase in average engagements per post

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