Review Management

Review Management

Have you ever felt so passionate about a product you’ve purchased or a restaurant you’ve visited that you’ve decided to leave an online review, only to feel disheartened when that brand or business doesn’t respond or even acknowledge your feedback? That’s why an effective Review Management strategy is key.

If your business receives a high volume of reviews, we know it can be time consuming to reply to every single one - so our team is here to offer relief by monitoring and interacting with each message and creating tailored responses for all of your customers. Whether their comments are positive or negative, lengthy and detailed, or they’ve simply left a star rating with no further information, we’ll take the time to show that we’re listening and are interested in resolving any issues.

We executed a study on the ROI that can be achieved by answering reviews, with the aim of proving that footfall is linked in some capacity to review scores. Our study used verified, real-time data from 100 London-based casual dining locations similar in size, experience and geographical location. The results confirmed that if a business is able to increase their TripAdvisor score (not rank) by 0.5, they are likely to see an average footfall increase of 17%.

Discover how we helped Kwik Fit increase their reputation score by 23%.

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No more templates

Templated answers are a thing of the past - we’ll give your reviewers personal, human responses without ever resorting to bots or automated replies. Although we’ll agree relevant talk lines with you to use in necessary situations, we’ll still ensure these are unique to each customer so they know they’re not being shortchanged.

Reputation protection

Negative feedback and one-star reviews have the power to tarnish your brand’s reputation for good. Let us protect and manage your online image by tackling complaints in an appropriate and timely manner. We can provide unhappy customers with links to feedback forms or contact details to take negativity away from the public domain and ensure comments don’t spiral into crises.

Rise up the rankings

Did you know that highly responsive brands are rewarded by search engine algorithms? We can help you boost your NPS and push you to the front page by interacting with reviewers on your behalf instead of leaving them unanswered.

Multi-platform approach

After getting to know your brand inside and out, we’ll respond across all of your review platforms - including TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google My Business and Trustpilot. We’ll work to become an extension of your own customer service department without needing to stretch your internal resources.

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