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Have you ever felt so passionate about a product or restaurant you’ve visited that you’ve taken the time to leave a review - and then felt completely disregarded when your comment has been ignored? That’s exactly how customers feel when they write about your company in vain. We appreciate that sometimes time isn’t of the essence and it’s difficult to find a fresh, genuine way to respond. This is where 3sixfive comes in: we take the pressure out of your hands. Making it our highest priority to respond to each and every customer, we’ll monitor your business across a variety of platforms and deliver a unique, human response to each and every one that you receive.

Templated responses are a thing of the past - we give your customer a personal, human response without ever resorting to bots or automated replies. Our unique and tailored feedback ranges from providing customer service contact details to offer a resolution for complaints or negative reviews, or engaging with and thanking happy customers. These responses help to prompt a returning visit or further engagement. We ensure your brand's reputation is never tarnished through our issue management strategy. Any negative review, be it a food poisoning allegation, poor guest experience or a resentful former employee, has the power to create a negative perception of your business. We tackle these comments straight away, by liaising with the client and agreeing appropriate talk lines. This helps us swiftly respond, minimising potential reputational damage, whilst improving NPS and reputation scores, whose algorithms reward responsive brands.

When it comes to reviews, the best practice is to respond to all which you receive across a variety of platforms with consistency - whether that means outlining a specific response process or adhering to your brand guidelines and tone of voice. We’ll get to know your brand inside and out, responding as if we were working in-house, and can work with platforms including TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google My Business or Trustpilot. We’ll work to become an extension of your own customer service department without ever stretching your internal resources. Enhancing online reputation scores, maintaining brand love, or simply increasing your brand awareness through improving your online rankings - the benefits of quality Review Management are endless. You can rely on 3sixfive from 8am-10pm 365 days a year. We’ll be on hand to support you through your busier periods and out of normal working hours to ensure that we are always there for your customers - even when you can’t be. What’s more, we’ll provide a customisable report month on month to deliver detailed analytics regarding your online reputation and overall brand sentiment.

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