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On our blog, you can find some of 3sixfive’s best tips on handling Community, Social Media and Review Management as well as our thoughts on every aspect of social media marketing. From platform updates or integrations in an industry that’s always changing, to current social media trends and brand expectations, we’ll be covering it all here.

October 4, 2019

social proof – the power of human behaviour on marketing

“Social proof, what the heck is that?” we hear you ask. The general idea is that the behaviour of consumers changes depending on what they see others doing - simple right?
September 27, 2019

when things go wrong on social – why reputation management matters

Don’t get us wrong, we love social media - that’s why we do it for a living. But there’s no denying that when things go wrong, social can be a pretty scary place, particularly when your brand’s reputation is on the line.
September 23, 2019

social media and ‘the new word of mouth’

It doesn’t matter who you are - whether you’re an avid marketer yourself, or simply a consumer who enjoys reading blogs about the social media industry, you’re likely to have heard the following phrase: social media is the new word of mouth.
September 16, 2019

the importance of google reviews and why you should be responding

We’re here to talk about the Google Reviews, an integrated feature within Google My Business that allows your customers to post a public review in Google about their experience with your business, its service, your products and so on.

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