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On our blog, you can find some of 3sixfive’s best tips on handling Community, Social Media and Review Management as well as our thoughts on every aspect of social media marketing. From platform updates or integrations in an industry that’s always changing, to current social media trends and brand expectations, we’ll be covering it all here.

December 9, 2019

why you should always respond to negative comments on social media

With the world of social media constantly expanding, it’s a great way to communicate with customers and for them to reach your business, but what happens when it starts to go south?
November 21, 2019

social media mistakes (and how to fix them)

There’s definitely a right and a wrong way when it comes to social media marketing and unfortunately not everyone is clued up on this; but we’re here to help with the top social media mistakes you could be making and how to fix them.
November 20, 2019

top 10 terrible marketing statistics about the restaurant industry that you need to know

Working in the restaurant industry can be fast paced, hectic and sometimes downright exhausting which means marketing can get pushed to the bottom of the pile but we never expected these statistics!
November 5, 2019

not a bot part two – it’s time to forget fake followers

First of all - what do we mean by fake followers? Social media bots. These are sold in excess to celebrities, influencers, and yes - brands and businesses, all hoping to grow their social profiles in a short space of time at minimal effort.

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